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Initiated by Pune Running, a non-profit organization dedicated to the cause of health and fitness, the Pune Running Beyond Myself Run is a marathon organized across the city of Pune. Above all else, the aim of the marathon is to motivate. To encourage people to see the countless benefits of long distance running. Organized in the heart of the city, it is open to every member of the public. It is not just a running event but a celebration of community and commitment!

This year, the Pune Running Beyond Myself Marathon will be organized on Sunday, 11th October at 5:00 a.m. from BMCC, Shivaji Nagar. The event will comprise of a Half Marathon of 21.1 Km, 10 Km and 5 Km runs.

We invite everyone to join in and experience the exhilaration of being part of a Pan-Pune event! At the run, you will not only challenge yourself but also make lasting friendships. The Pune Running Beyond Myself Marathon will change your life.

3K Walk
Experience the joy of taking a walk amongst a cheerful community! Make friendships while you take this refreshing walk. A perfect day out for the entire family.

5K Run
The perfect event for beginners, a 5-kilometer run is long enough for anyone to reap the benefits of health boosting hormones. After your first run, you won’t feel like stopping!

10K Run
You’re in the long distance running club! Don’t stop here, keep pushing yourself and reach the next level.

Half Marathon
Welcome! You’ve now graduated to the International Long Distance Run. If this is your first HM, enjoy the run, feel the wind in your face and experience the miles go by.



Run for Charity

PNTRS’ Samavedana is a Non-Profit Organization established in April 2003 by Dr. Charudutt Apte, a neurosurgeon from Pune. It aims to make tertiary healthcare available to the underprivileged sections of society. This is done through Sahyadri Hospital & its branches in & outside Pune. Samavedana patients are treated free of cost by doctors while the hospital too contributes to the cause by providing concessions.

Many factors set Samavedana apart from other NGOs. It operates with a quick sanction process. After its completion, Samavedana takes complete financial responsibility for the patient without any upper limit. Only a small contribution from the patient is required. Donors also get complete information on how their donations are being utilized including socio-economic & medical details of the case, as well as billing & contribution details.

It carries out various programs that impact more than 3500 lives annually. Some of these are: Giving tertiary aid on a case by case basis, organizing a Gynaec Cancer Screening Program, conducting monthly women health check-ups and promoting skin and organ donations through Sahyadri Hospital’s Skin Bank.

Some of its upcoming projects are:

  • A Community Clinic providing Primary Healthcare, Guidance & Counselling and also Telemedicine and Generic Drugs.
  • A Mobile Cancer Prevention unit with a wide reach, in association with Rotary International.

Till date, Samavedana has saved the lives of over 985 patients and raised more than 8.9 Cr for the cause of medical Aid.

To know more:


Vinod Kumar, 10k - 60 mins

Hi There ! I am Vinod and have been running for over 2 years now, doing some marathons, half marathons here and there. The very fact that you choose to run too makes me happy and I am here to take you to your destination in 60 mins. I practice a vegan lifestyle to whatever extent possible and the food I eat keeps me in good shape and compliments my running, can share more on that if anyone is interested !
We'll run with an easy even pace for the whole time. The route has its share of up and down hills which might increase or decrease our pace by a couple of seconds here and there. mail me or call me if your curious for more on that.
Lets have fun together, while you might be looking to do a sub 1 hour 10K, I am here to make friends, more the merrier.

Manoj Deshpande, 10k - 70 mins

Hello Runners/Non Runners - I am Manoj Deshpande, super excited to be pacer in PRBM-2015 with plans to run 10KM with you all in 70 mins. I am pacing first time officially in the event.
I started long distance running with my first SCMM in 2012, inspired by a friend and now Our Guruji, To my surprise I could complete the same in 4:47. Then running became hobby and addiction giving SCMM PB of 4:25 so far. I take my running hobby as tool to unwind self and make new friends.
I plan to run an even split and will simply follow a constant pace throughout the race ( slightly varying pace from 7.2 to 7.5, with multiple 6.2). We would continue the momentum built past Symbiosis during the run - so no walks during ascend and no halts at water station.
So those who have started running recently and attempting to run their first 10K, lets join along with others who have been running for long and giving us company to make this PRBM-2015 a memorable one for ALL.

Radhika, 10k - 80 mins

Greetings to everyone! I am Radhika. I am your pacer for 10 kms and plan to finish the run in 1 hrs 20 minutes. I took up running in November 2013, and have finished two half marathons, and a couple of timed 10 kms runs and various 5 kms runs. I stood third in the Happy Hearts' 10 kms in 2014. Apart from running I am passionate about cycling.
I plan for this run to be easy. We will run-walk on ascends and maintain a steady speed throughout the rest of the run. I will stop very briefly at the water points. So suggest you to carry your own bottles/pick up water bottles at the water pits. Those wishing to finish in less than 1:20 hours can sprint the last 1.5 kms and finish strong. Those wishing to finish the run in 1:20 hours or less join my bus and help me help you achieve your Personal Best.

Atul Godbole, HM - 1.45 hrs

I am Atul Godbole and I will be pacing the 1:45 bus at PRBM this year. I have run 8 Full Marathons (Best time 3:25) and 20+ Half Marathons (Best Time 1:30). I have participated (only Indian) in the Vertical KM Race in the French Alps – a race to scale a 1000m high mountain. I have also participated in many Triathlons and recently qualified for the 2015 USA National Triathlon Championship. I recently won 2nd place in my age category at the 2015 Satara Hill Marathon. I coach runners of all types (beginners, mid-pack or advanced) towards a 10K, half, full or ultra marathons. See our website http://radstrongrunning.com for details.
I will employ a negative split pacing strategy. This means the 'out' route which has a bit of a net elevation gain will be run about 1-2 minutes slower than the 'back' route. We will break 1:45 with about 30-60 seconds to spare. We will not be stopping for water breaks, so please carry your own water bottle or be ready to drink water/energy drink on the run.
If you are within 5-10 minutes of the target time of 1:45, please join my bus and together we will break the 1:45 target and make it a day to remember!

Kingshuk Biswas, HM - 2 hrs

Hello People - I am Kingshuk Biswas and plan to run 21.1K with you all, in about 2 hours in this year's PRBM! My 'Running Resume' comprises of 3 Ultra Marathons (PB 86K in Mumbai Ultra 2015), 4 Timed Full Marathons (PB 4:08 Stockholm Marathon 2014), 30+ Timed Half Marathons (PB 1:34 SCMM 2015) and 8 Timed 10K (PB 00:41 July-LSOM-2014).
I plan to run an even split which essentially means that we will simply follow a constant pace throughout the race. The idea is that we will not break the momentum at any point of time during the run - so no walks during ascend and no halts at water station (Pick up a small water bottle/energy drink before the race).
More on hydration and pacing on elevation in my future posts.
So all of us within the 2:10 bracket and wanting to break into the SUB-2 category, let’s join legs and achieve it together!
P.S. I prefer not to chat during the run so in case of any questions/concerns, feel free to reach out to me pre-race alazyking@gmail.com OR at the Expo.

Dinesh Heda, HM - 2.15 hrs

Running started for him at the finish line of the Dec 2010 Goa River Marathon where he then participated in the 5km WALK. Starring the finish line then and with the intention of seeing the finish line in next year’s edition of the Goa River Marathon, he ran his First HM at the Goa River Marathon Half Marathon of Dec 2011. Since then he has run 17 Half Marathons; 8 Full Marathons; one 50KM Trail and one 75 KM Trail run, a 12 hour run…. the sport is addictive he claims.
Pacing experience:
Goa River Marathon Dec 2013 – Half - 2:00 Hours Bus
Satara Hill Marathon – Sept 2014 – Half - 2:00 Hours Bus
Goa River Marathon Dec 2014 – Half - 2:00 Hours Bus
Standard chartered Mumbai Marathon – FULL – 4:30 Hours Bus
Satara Hill Marathon – Sept 2015 – Half - 2:00 Hours Bus
A Gadget free runner, so the Garmin you see at the “pace day” is a borrowed one. Conversation with fellow runners is the closest he can get to music on the run
Personal best runs to him, are runs where he can help fellow runners complete their runs or help them achieve something they haven’t achieved yet – they could be even training runs and not necessarily race events.
And running is not his profession, it’s his passion. By profession Dinesh is a Chartered Accountant. To connect with him email him on hedaingoa@gmail.com
His favourite line:
"Strength lies in not seeing the finish line…. It's that you have come to the start line is what is strength".

Terence Miranda, HM - 2.30 hrs

I am Terence Miranda, I will be pacing the 2:30 Bus at the PRBM this year.
My passion for Running is relatively new. I was a couch potato and had never run prior to 2013. Everything changed for me when I had a Heart-Attack in Feb 2013-underwent an Angioplasty with two stents inserted in my Coronary arteries!
Life just gave me second chance and I woke up to the importance of fitness! , Started with 10 minute walks a day post hospitalization which graduated to walk-runs and Running!
Ran my first event-the PRBM in 2013, and went on to complete my first Full Marathon at the SCMM in Jan 2014-just under a year since my heart attack. I have been running ever since! My PB for HM is 1:58 and for the Full is 4:45. Was inspired by two people, my Coach Michael Francis (Founder Pune Marathoners Club) who trained me giving me the confidence that I could run a marathon and P.Venkatraman (Founder YouTooCanRun , heart attack survivor himself) who –showed me that this can be done !
I will be running an even split keeping an average pace of around 7:00 min /km. I prefer not to break the momentum hence will be slowing down at water stations rather than stopping.
I can assure you of a fun filled run with lots of talking and joking while ensuring that you beat this heart patient on your way to achieving your Personal Best!

Jugal Rathi, HM - 2.45 hrs

I have run three Full Marathons (2013-14-15)@SCMM, Personal Best time 5 hours 18 minutes (2015), 2).Multiple half marathons including 5 in 2014 : Podium finisher at AHM & VETERUN, Pune. Personal best time 2hrs.03 min @SCMM 2011. 3. Run for Environment 5th June (app 30kms), every year since 2007(9th year consistently on 5th June 2015), at Deccan Gymkhana Club ground.
I plan to do a negative split with First Half in approximately 1 hr 25 min, & Second Half 1 hr 20 min. with water breaks as needed but not more than 5-6.
RUN IS FUN.....!

Vineeta Jadhavrao, HM - 3.00 hrs

Hello, I am Vineeta Jadhavrao, your HM pacer for 3:00 hour bus.
I have run 4 timed marathons all at SCMM with a PB of 4:59 hrs. and 3 Half Marathons in Pune and one in Goa with PB 2:12min Ultra marathon: Comrades 2014: ran 83.5km of the 89 km in 11:30 min.
Running Inspiration: The simple rhythm that brings inner peace. It's a stress buster and leveller. To be alive in ones running step is a joy one experiences despite the pain, pant and puff...The more one runs the less it is... 3km, 5 km, 10 km, 21 km, 42 km, 89 km and so many more distances that hardly daunt any runners whether new or old... Come and Run..Find your rhythm and enjoy the kilometres biting the dust!!
My Race Strategy is to divide the route in up hills, down hills and flats.
Mostly it would be a run walk strategy specially on the uphills. The downhills will slightly quicker and the flats will have a higher cycle of run walk steps.
We should be 1and a half hours at the halfway mark and on the way back we will be quicker on all the down hills. This is to have enough time for a walk up the symbiosis climb towards the end.
Aim is to finish a couple of minutes under 3 hrs and it is possible with the above plan.

Train with us

Besides conducting running events in a meticulous manner, we pride ourselves in helping each and every runner take larger strides, figuratively and literally, in the art of running. Many aspirants come to us asking for guidance, so we have initiated the following training programs -

Pune Running - Leap of Faith

Running comes naturally to humans and is a wonderful exercise to help you stay physically fit. But then, most of us gave up on this good habit long ago and now desperately yearn to get back to it. Starting from scratch is often a struggle though, for various reasons too boring to run alone, worried about injuries, being unaware of the right technique, diet and so on.

Now here’s a program to help someone start from the absolute basics and overcome all inhibitions and challenges along the way. Leap of Faith implies a belief in achieving something that currently seems beyond one’s reach. Well, that is exactly where the program intends to get you!

The details of the program are available here – http://tinyurl.com/punerunningLeapOfFaith.

Contact Details of the coaches - Vikas Kumar (90490 07523), Sudhindra Haribhat (9767053217), Mahesh Narkar (98224 52962).

PRBM – My First Half (MFH)
PRBM – Sub-2 HM
PRBM – Sub-1 10k

And then the icing on the cake – All these programs are organised by us for FREE! All you have to do is join in the fun!

# Area Contact Person Mobile No.
1 Aundh / Baner / Pashan / University
Vikas Kumar
2 Bavdhan/Paud Rd
Nikhil Marathe
Gaurav Ailawar
3 Kothrud Nikhil Shah 8275203700
4 Koregaon Park / Kalyani Nagar Anurag 9860029747
5 Kharadi
6 Viman Nagar Aparna 9371079913
7 Magarpatta
Renu Singh
8 PCMC Umesh 9890222390
9 Pimple Saudagar
Amit Kumar
10 Vetal Tekdi Gaurav 9975214441
11 Wakad Swati 7666430209
12 Camp/Taljai/Salisbury Park Samir Shaikh 9890714004




Who are the organizers of the Pune Running Beyond Myself Charity Walk & Run?

The Pune Running Beyond Myself Charity Walk & Run is organised by Pune Running, a group of fitness enthusiasts in Pune. Most of us run most days of the week. Week end runs are usually long and we usually do them together unless we are out to other running events across the globe. Most of us have run Half and Full Marathons all over India and outside. We run for fitness, most of us are regular folks that have a regular work life with a passion for running.

What are the distances I can participate in for the Pune Running Beyond Myself 2015?
When do the events start?
What are the start and end points of the Marathon?
What is the route for the events?
What are the registration fees I have to pay?
Can I fill a single application form on behalf of all the members of the group participating in the event?
What is the last date of registration?
What does registration fee cover?
Are the participants in 5K run and 3K walk timed (time taken to finish recorded)?
Are there Aid Stations during the run?
What is the run terrain like?
What is the age limit?
Clicking on registration opens a new window and takes me to a different website. Is it safe?
During registration, the amount was debited from account but I did not get the registration successful confirmation message? I'm having problems with registration. Please help.
How do I know if my registration is confirmed?
Can I mail a cheque for registration?
Which payment mode will be accepted for online registration?
Can I register for my friend?
Where and when do I collect timing chip, bib and other accessories for the race?
IS it compulsory to collect the bib on Oct 10 only?
Can someone else collect the bib on my behalf?
I could not collect my Bib at the bib distribution counter. Can I collect it on the race day?
We want to register as a group. Do you facilitate bulk registrations?
How do I get to the event starting point?
What about lodging for out-of-towners?
What about parking at the starting location?FAQS
Do I get a medal / certificate for finishing?
Can I participate in an event other than the one I registered for?
Is here a cut off time for finishing?
Is there any prize money for the events?
Who do I contact in case I have any questions?
Do we have pacers for the marathon?
Are there any specific hotels you would recommend we stay when we visit Pune for the event?
Tips and Techniques

Whether you’re a first time runner or a seasoned veteran, it’s always important to keep certain pointers in your mind that will help you achieve your best run time and give you that feeling of fulfilment you want.

Look down:
• The shoes and socks you wear are your most crucial piece of equipment. Make sure they are lightweight and provide good support. Most of all ensure you stay away from blisters and sore feet!

Copy the course:
• While doing your practice runs, ensure that the topography is similar to that of the actual course. If you have to run uphill or downhill or both during the event, find the right practice spot for this kind of route.

Stay Hydrated:
• Enquire about how often aid stations and water stations are present at the actual marathon and start drinking at that rate. Drink sports drinks when you need a concentrated burst of energy.

Wear the right clothes:
• Wearing the right running gear will greatly add to your comfort and your ability to focus during the race. Make sure the fabric you wear doesn’t irritate your skin.

Stay Steady:
• During practice, don’t try to up the ante too much even if you’re feeling really good. Increase your pace at a steady rate, so you don’t tire yourself out.

Rehearse your run:
• Four to five days before the marathon, do a marathon pace practice run in the proper event-day attire. This will provide that last bit of conditioning your body needs.

Two Goals do the trick:
• For race day, set two goals. One for the perfect day when you’re feeling in top shape and another for a hot or windy day when you feel the elements are against you. This will help you make the best out of your race day, even in adverse conditions.

• During the last three days before the event, eat carb-rich food like pasta, potatoes, bread, fruit and fruit juice, low-fat milk and yogurt to ensure you keep your energy levels up.

• Do a small warm-up to loosen the muscles and get blood flowing. Don’t go too heavy though, you want to protect that precious store of energy reserves. Motivate yourself: Talking to yourself before and during the run is a great way to keep yourself motivated. Convince yourself to push harder as the rewards will be worth it and make yourself proud.

• At the end of the marathon, the main aim is to be proud of what you’ve achieved. Participating is half the battle. With these techniques and tips, you’ve got the tools to push yourselves further and aim higher! Now, get those running shoes on! What’re you waiting for?


We've had many runners for the 'Pune Running Beyond Myself' marathon. They joined brimming with energy and enthusiasm and left with the satisfaction of their achievement. Many of them keep coming back! Will you join them this year?

Utpal Barman

A wonderful run indeed. It was nice to see the old buddies still running, and new buddies running with such zest!! Thanks to all the volunteers who missed their part of running to support their fellow runners. Thanks to all the runners who made the event worth remembering.


Fantastic experience! Extremely well-organised! Loved every bit of it, and ecstatic on completing 10km!

Meenakshi Madhavi Hardikar

Thank you all organizers! You did a great job with perfect arrangements. It was a lot of fun. Thanks again.

Sudhir Gulhane

What an event! Very well organized. Greatly done. Had a great time running. Looking forward for more to come.

Gaurav Chopra

Very well organized guys, had a great time running. Thank you to the entire team of Pune Running.

Malhar Ganla

Guys, finished 21st. Great to have a world class event right here in Amchi Pune .... Keep up the great work and looking forward to the next one.



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