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Technical aspect and Tips for Running

Interval training and tempo runs

Interval training or interval runs are short, intense efforts of running followed by a longer recovery time. For example, you run at a fast pace for around 500 metres followed by a slow jog of 500 metres to catch your breath. Then you repeat this cycle for around say 4 repetitions. Such workouts combine a high-intensity exercise with low-intensity recovery periods so that your fitness levels are increased and you burn more calories over a short period of time. Tempo running is a faster-paced workout which improves your metabolic fitness.A tempo workout is designed to help you sustain your pace over a long period of time, which is one of the hallmarks of long distance marathon running.

Both these workouts are combined in a training program especially if you are targeting long distances.

For injury free running regular Strength Training is important to build the right muscles. A structured running program and posture correction ensure you don't stress muscles that are not endurance ready. The "wrong posture" can be a perfect recipe for injury. In addition, Heart Rate based training ensures the aerobic or anaerobic energy systems develop systematically, says Sandeep Kulkarni, wellness professional. As a recreational runner he feels our aim should be to run at 90 years and not necessarily 90km. His mantra is "Have patience, be a wise runner and stay away from injuries."

It is important to focus on consistency and persistence. A coach can help unlock your self limiting beliefs to achieve your highest personal potential through group training. Personal Commitment and Internal inspiration don't need special motivation to show up "ON Time and Every Time", says Prasad Patil, social entrepreneur and happiness coach.

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