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Tips for running the right way - Taru Mateti

When I started running in May 2013, low stamina was not a problem because I was playing badminton and doing aerobics for years! The challenges were related to the modern unhealthy lifestyle: wearing high heels, sleeping less, eating junk food, sitting a lot, unbalanced exercise, and not getting regular checks done. To add to this, I had never run in my younger days, so the right set of muscles had never developed. To make matters worse, I was 49 years old, and there was a lot of genuine concern around about what all could happen to me then. It is safe to say that I persisted under the guidance of running friends, and with the active support from my husband who started running too.

Learning the right things

I believe that age is no bar when it comes to learning anything. Yes, one just needs to keep the enthusiasm in check, especially when one is over-motivated! I ran my first half marathon in Hyderabad in Aug 2013 and my first full marathon in Mumbai in Jan 2014, with two sub-2 half marathons in Pune and Goa in between. I had ended up on the podium in all these runs.

I also came to understand that many more women should take to running. I was fortunate to have been mentored by the best trainers to run with the right form, correct breathing, and a good training plan – and it is all work in progress.

  • I have run several 10Ks and half marathons
  • Six full marathons
  • Three 50K ultras (one as a pacer 50K + 11K)
  • One 12-hour run with 83K+
  • My next run is a 100K at Pune Ultramarathon in Nov this year and I am keeping my fingers crossed for that while I am focused on training for that run.
Some of the things I learnt along the way were:
  • Treat the body with more respect
  • Get the vitals checked periodically
  • Take the required breaks when needed (and I needed plenty!)
  • Eat clean and healthy
  • Sleep well
  • Get rid of some of the unhealthy practices such as too much of sitting at work, wearing high heels all the time, and so on.
Things to always keep in mind:
  • I learnt the importance of a proper dynamic warm-up and cool-down stretches and the importance of strength training for the entire body working on the entire kinetic chain.
  • I learnt the importance of staying focused on only a few events in a year and adapting my training plan accordingly while treating all other runs as training runs.
On a lighter vein

I have also learnt about shin splints, osteoid osteoma, compartment syndrome, Achilles tendinitis, piriformis syndrome, leg length difference and insoles forever, scoliosis, excess scoliosis, disc bulge, and disc herniation in that order Additionally, about VO2 max, Yassos, Maffetone training, Fartleks, lactate threshold, GU gel, Garmin and many others! Although I still think that my running is very raw and more by how my body feels during that particular run, which also makes things very unpredictable.

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