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Teach for India - Pune

Pune is a city that has long been known as the Oxford of the East; what is less known perhaps, is that it is beset with inequality. With only 29% of its school-going population entering Grade VII and less than 10% even entering college, it's a city where opportunity has often targeted only the most affluent.

Teach For India (TFI) started in 2009, envisions a different reality for Pune's 600,000 students - one where every child in the city receives an excellent education – an education that affords them the choice, equity, and opportunity to succeed in life.

We plan to achieve this through our two part model - short term and long term. In the short-term, through our Fellowship program, we provide an opportunity for India's most promising individuals to serve as full-time teachers to children from low-income communities in some of the Pune’s most under-resourced schools.

In the long-term, we build and support a powerful force of Alumni who work towards affecting systemic change to realise educational opportunity for all. We are currently present in 52 government and private schools across Pune and are directly impacting over 10,000 students, with our alums reaching tens of thousands more.