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Muskaan - The Foundation for Child Protection

The Foundation for Child Protection is an NGO dedicated for prevention of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) under a project the named Muskaan; is relentlessly working on this issue since the year 2000.

Muskaan is the only initiative in Pune whose entire focus is on the critical issue of CSA, attending to it with a three-pronged approach to action. Muskaan works in the space of Prevention, Reform Counselling, and Legal support, where the focus is not only children, but with all involved stakeholders, i.e. young adults, parents, teachers, police, and state agencies to bring about change.

1. For Prevention:

Muskaan has been conducting awareness sessions with a mission to ensure that all children are able to realize their right to a safe and secure environment, free from abuse in which their dignity is protected and their capacities developed to their fullest potential. Awareness sessions also help in encouraging adults to provide an enabling environment for children in which their rights can be safeguarded. Training and discussions: Muskaan also conducts training and discussion sessions with the legal stakeholders to familiarize and bring into practice, the model guidelines to be followed in the case of POCSO Act crimes. The response is always very overwhelming and we wish to continue these refresher trainings in the future.

2. For Reform Counselling-

Foundation For Child Protection - Muskaan has been persistently doing reform and rehabilitation counselling with the Minors accommodated in and bailed out of the Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Udyog Kendra at Yerawada since 2011. We have found over the years that compassionate dialogue with these Minors has shown tremendous change in attitude and behaviour. We hope that this engagement will continue to bring fruitful results further and have created a Counselling Center at the Observation Home campus. This center will be used for counselling sessions with the Minors; both victims and children in conflict with law for CSA. This space will be used for long-term programs with the children in conflict with the law to have Art therapy and vocational training courses through the Muskaan project.

3. For Legal Support

Muskaan has been recognized for our support to the survivors of child sexual abuse by general public as well as state agencies. From the immediate post-trauma counselling for the survivor and the family, up until the legal procedural counselling, Muskaan team always stands guard to ensure the survivor feels safe and heard. Muskaan also seeds funding for survivor rehabilitation, here, there are times when survivors of rape need reconstructive surgery, surgical intervention or basic monetary aid for traveling to court or hospitals and food. Muskaan team stays in close contact with the surviving family to ensure they have aid and only consider the safety and well-being of the survivor.