Explore Pune Running
  • 1. Who are the organizers of the Pune Running Beyond Myself Charity Walk & Run ?

    Pune Running Beyond Myself is organised by Pune Running Sports Foundation.

  • 2. Who are the directors of this Foundation?

    The Foundation was initiated by Pune Running, a group of fitness enthusiasts in Pune city. We have a regular work life but we share a common passion for running. Most of us run most days of the week and we have run Half and Full Marathons in events all over the globe. Weekend runs are usually long and we do them together as the group keeps us motivated. Find out more on www.punerunning.com

  • 3. Which charitable organisations do you support?

    Every year the Foundation supports charities so as to lend a helping hand to the needy and disadvantaged of the society. In the past, we have supported MUSKAAN, an initiative against Child Sexual Abuse;SHISHUADHAR, that provides economic assistance and counselling to families to care for their children; INDIA SPONSORSHIP COMMITTEE (Vidyadeep Program) that provides education for children of migrant labourers working in the brick kilns and GREENSOLE who recycle discarded shoes to comfortable footwear and provide them to the neediest through corporate, NGOs and schools, Pune Police, Samavedana and KEM Hospital NICU ward.

  • 4. Do you provide training for the marathon?

    Yes. Besides conducting running events, we pride ourselves in helping each and every runner take larger strides, figuratively and literally, in the art of running. Many aspirants come to us asking for guidance, so we have initiated the Pune Running - Leap of Faith training programs for all new runners starting from scratch. We start from the absolute basics to overcome all inhibitions and challenges along the way. Leap of Faith implies a belief in achieving something that currently seems beyond one’s reach. Well, that is exactly where the program intends to get you! Besides these we have the MyFirst 10k, MyFirst HM and MyFirst FM training programs for regular runners who want to "run beyond themselves" and achieve a better target in terms of distance and timing. We have a structured program combining strength training with gradually increasing distance running. Log onto www.punerunning.com for training schedules.

  • 5. Who do I contact in case I have any questions?

    Please email us at punerunning@gmail.com and we will respond to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, log on to www.punerunning.com for a specific query.