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Project Nanhi Kali

"Project Nanhi Kali helps educate underprivileged girl children from socially and economically marginalized families living in urban, rural and tribal parts of India. This is a national sponsorship program which provides academic and material support to disadvantaged girls so that they can complete their education with dignity. The vision of educating and empowering the girl child saw Naandi Foundation join hands with KC Mahinda Educational Trust to start Project Nanhi Kali. The Project has now expanded its area of operations in 12 states covering over 1, 30,000 Nanhi Kalis across India."


India is currently facing one of the worst educational crises in the world. Today, not every child enrolls in school and less than 10% graduate from school and enter college. Most of those who are in school do not get an excellent education - one that truly maximizes their potential and gives them the opportunities to do what they want to do and be who they want to be.

Teach For India is a non-profit organization that believes in an excellent education for all children and is striving to end the problem of educational inequity in our country. In the short-term, through our Fellowship program, we provide an opportunity for India's brightest and most promising individuals to serve as full-time teachers to children from low-income communities in some of the nation's most under-resourced schools. Their classroom becomes a platform for leadership learning and they strive to ensure that every child maximizes his or her potential. Fellows provide their students with opportunities to grow in academics and develop values and mindsets. This growth is measured through regular internal and external assessments.

Through this experience of teaching in classrooms and working with key education stakeholders like students, principals, and parents - our Fellows get exposed to the grassroots realities of India's education system and begin to cultivate the knowledge, skills, and mindsets necessary to identify their role in building a larger movement for equity in education.

We received 1200 applications when we first started operations with the 2009-11 Fellowship program. This number has grown to over 15,000 for the 2016-18 cohort with a selectivity rate between 6-8.5%. Today, we have 1250 Fellows impacting over 45000 Children Across 7 Cities - Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Delhi, Chennai & Bangalore. There is an almost 50:50 ratio split between those who join from an academic background vs. those who come with professional work experience.

In the long-term, we build and support a powerful force of Alumni, who informed by their experiences and insights, work towards affecting systemic changes to realize educational opportunity for all. Our Alumni work in diverse roles within the education sector - as teachers, teacher-trainers, school principals, curriculum designers and education policy researchers as well as in the ecosystem surrounding and supporting the education sector - as journalists, lawyers, health experts, entrepreneurs and corporate leaders.

Currently, we have 1500 Alumni, approximately 57% of our which remain within the education sector. They all collectively continue to work towards Teach For India's vision that one day, all children will attain an excellent education!