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Quick Tips
For Training And Race Day

Here are a few tips from our trainers and marathon veterans to help you achieve your best run time and give you that feeling of fulfilment you want.


Running Gear:

Choose dry fit fabric for your clothes and socks and lightweight shoes that provide good support. Make sure the fabric you wear doesn’t irritate your skin. Never wear NEW gear on race day so you avoid a possible “wardrobe malfunction” !!!!!


During the last three days before the event, eat carb-rich food like pasta, potatoes, bread, fruit and fruit juice, low-fat milk and yogurt to ensure you keep your energy levels up.

Copy the course:

Try to do your practice runs ensuring that the topography is similar to that of the actual course.

Stay Hydrated:

It’s always a good idea to know the location of aid stations and water stations so you can plan your hydration while training. Drink sports drinks when you need a concentrated burst of energy.

Rehearse your run:

Four to five days before the marathon, do a marathon pace practice run in the proper event-day attire to provide the conditioning your body needs.

Stay Steady:

During practice, don’t try to up the ante too much even if you’re feeling really good. Increase your pace at a steady rate, so you don’t tire yourself out.

Eat Healthy:

Our body is built from what we eat, and if you want to run longer, you have to eat something that helps you endure the test of running.

Motivate yourself:

Talk to yourself before and during the run to keep yourself motivated. Convince yourself to push harder as the rewards will be worth it and make yourself proud. At the end of the marathon, the main aim is to be proud of what you’ve achieved. Participating is half the battle. What’re you waiting for? Get those running shoes on!


Warm up stretches loosen up your muscles and get the blood flowing. Don’t go too heavy though, you want to protect that precious store of energy reserves.