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My Running Story - Amod Bhate

Kill it Before it Kills you

Amod says “Many a times, what starts as a casual fun activity unknowingly becomes a business activity. Running has been one of those stories in my life.” Amod is the Co – founder and Running Coach of Radstrong, a goal oriented personalized coaching program.

It all started one lazy afternoon in March 2001 in Virginia USA, when he and his roommate decided to go for a leisurely jog to get the laziness out of their system. That jog changed his life to make him the person he is today with a plethora of achievements under his belt.

Amod has officially been participating in marathons all over India since the last 5 ½ years and is set to participate in the Boston Marathon in April 2018. His second attempt at the qualifier was a personal best of 3:10 at SCMM in 2017. His ultramarathon list includes 10 full marathons, Comrades downrun in 2016 and Comrades uprun in 2017. He has been Podium Finisher at PRBM in 2015 and SCMM FM in 2015.

Looking back over the last 15-16 odd years Amod feels that in addition to his continuous efforts, planning, focus and discipline, his inner voice that reminds him “you have to run!” are what have fuelled his commendable achievements. Amod made conscious choices in his food habits, sleep pattern, outdoor activities with friends and family and made many sacrifices in his journey of self-improvement.

Today, Amod’s students are spread far and wide from Jalgaon, Satara, Mumbai to UK, New Zealand and USA. Some of his 100 odd trainee runners and triathletes are participating in the Berlin and Chicago Marathons. Says Amod “one should always try to adopt new running techniques, methodology, diet and nutrition that help to achieve your goals”. He signs off by saying “if running is your hobby, make it a passion, and once it’s a passion, pursue it hard!”

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