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PRBM 2018

My saviour from downfall- PRBM

The quote, "Life can only rightly be called so, if it comes with its own set of ups and downs", aptly sums up my story.

Being an adventure junkie, I have trekked the Himalayas and Sahyadris, have cycled over more than 1000 km and enjoyed paragliding. My hobbies include swimming, writing and many other things.

Dealing with a life-threatening condition

The upswing of the graph of my life came crashing down when I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Cancer affects your overall health - that is a given, but it felt as if my life force was taken out of me. As I started to recover, the adventure junkie in me was resurrected, and I decided to get back on track and take up running Marathons. There is no better cure than a fit and active lifestyle, and I am a true testament to the same.

Introduction to running

I was introduced to running two months into my recovery in August 2013 by Mr.Nikhil Shah. PRBM was coming in October and being the headstrong woman I am, I started self-training for the marathon. Though my health didn't permit the completion of my goal, it fuelled my enthusiasm for running.

I ran my first 5k in November 2013, when I was still recovering from my cancer. As it was with many newcomers, I was unaware of the importance of structured running training. My ignorance resulted in multiple injuries including shin splints, stress fractures, ankle sprains and knee pains. Nonetheless, my self-determination won over once again, and I not only recovered with proper training but also started enjoying running and completed my first HALF MARATHON.

Adding a structure to my passion

With systematic, planned, consistent and committed training I am injury free and a regular face now at Pune Running training sessions. I look forward to weekend runs with my mentors Sudhindra, Vikas, Mahesh and many senior runners. During the week I train with Guruji Sanjay Rao and Maithili at our local Kothrud centre, sweating it out with our intense one-hour workout. The pains have started giving gains with better health than ever before and a strong sense of community I have built with my fellow runners.

I love the spirit of PRBM! Here, experienced runners are willing to share their knowledge with novices.

It’s the JOY OF GIVING AND SEEING SOMEONE GO BEYOND HIMSELF that keeps me motivated to do more and go BEYOND MYSELF.

For this year’s PRBM I am super excited to run with my entire Half Marathon and 10k Team and see each one of us go beyond ourselves!


Dr Mitali Upadhye

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