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Technical aspect and Tips for Running

Interval training or interval runs are short, intense efforts of running followed by a longer recovery time. For example, you run at a fast pace for around

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High Flying Guruji - Sanjay Rao

For a beginner, the goal is usually just to cover the maximum distance. Not much thought is given to body posture or performance improvement.

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My Running Story - Amod Bhate

Many a times, what starts as a casual fun activity turns into a business activity without even realizing. Running has been one of those stories in my life.

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Tips from a Comrades finisher

Dr. Neelam Vaid, an ENT surgeon by profession, is among the few women runners from India to qualify and finish the Comrades Marathon

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My saviour from downfall - PRBM: Dr Mitali Upadhye

The quote, “Life can only rightly be called so, if it comes with its own set of ups and downs”, aptly sums up my story.

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Self Belief, Dil Se - Samir Chitre

In 2010, I was introduced to a running event called SCMM by my friends from college, Rajesh and Nitya.

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Shin splints? Did you get your bums checked? - Dr. Ajit Mapari

Dr. Ajit Mapari is a sports & exercise medicine consultant with more than 15 years of experience,

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Mahendra Gokhale

Mahendra is the founder of MG Sports and Fitness - a company which aims at creating and spreading awareness about sports and fitness in the younger generation.

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Smita – Our very own Wonder Woman

Smita is a mother of two & a grandmother who looks nothing like her age! She's young at heart & is still involved in all the activities she did 20 years ago.

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It's time to OutrunYourself! PRBM is coming this November!

Pune Running Beyond Myself - India's largest running event is back! It's time to #OutrunYourself!

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