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PRBM 2018

Utkarsh Inamdar

A Believer, A Fighter & A Runner!

Utkarsh started training with Pune Running in August 2017. His inspiration was his friend Mr. Shashibhushan Kolhe who is a seasoned runner.

Speaking about his fight with dangerous lifestyle diseases, he says:

“I used to suffer from mental stress & depression due to high blood pressure and cholesterol. I am thankful to my friend as he inspired and motivated me to run and be fit. When I started off, I didn’t really do it professionally and had a really low stamina. I could only run about 2-3 Kms.”

“Then I was introduced to the Pune Dakshin Strider group. They helped me in every way possible. I got inspired, motivated and even gained superb confidence. I got great guidance from Amit & Bhavesh, my trainers. I can proudly tell you that I can run 21 Kms without any injury.”

With Pune Running, Utkarsh gained confidence, motivation and most of all an amazing group of friends who help him to be fit and healthy. He has gained control over his cholesterol and high BP and drastically reduced the dosage of his medicines.

If you believe you can do it, there’s nothing in the world that can stop you from achieving it!

Speaking about his wife he says:

“My wife has always supported me in my journey towards fitness. Both of us love to run and now we easily finish a 21K run. We’ve recently completed Satara Marathon 2018 successfully, without any injury.”

His next target is to compete in Pune Mumbai, Delhi, Goa and Hyderabad Marathons.

Pune Running community is like an extended family for Utkarsh.

“You are doing a great job inspiring all to be fit and healthy. I’ve always received proper support whenever I’ve asked for it. You guys changed my perspective towards life and gave me a new direction. You guys helped me to believe in myself. Both of my daughters love to run and feel proud that we are associated with the best running community. Thank you, Pune Running.”