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PRBM 2018

Tushar Karhu

You don't know how strong you are unless being strong is the only option left. His running journey started with a FEAR, after he lost his close friend and another friend laid in a hospital for more than 2 months.A fear of living unhealthy/unfit life and as he grew older.

“This fear ultimately changed my life in last 2 years. I always liked sports and was involved in several of them while I was in school/college.However, everything started falling apart as my life’s focus shifted to work/job. It became an important part of life and I got into a phase where climbing couple of floors also became a task in itself. Somewhere,I knew I needed a U-turn to have a control over my life and that's when I started functional training.However,a sense of accomplishment was still missing and I registered for 5k run with PRBM.Post completing, I realized I have to travel a long distance in my fitness journey and I was introduced to Mr. Prasad Patil by my running inspiration Arjun Singh Rawat.Theytaught me to chase my dream. From running 5k to 50k was a journey which had many milestones.

“Honestly, this is something which you cannot achieve alone. I was fortunate to be around some of the great mentors from Pune Running Group who always supported and inspired me.”

Overall,running has helped him to be disciplined, be prepared, and moreover helped him to be in the company ofsome highly motivated people.“Running is meditation for me now!”

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