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Maharashtra Athletics Association

PRBM 2018

Omkar Bhagavat

"The Natural Runner"

Omkar’s running journey started in the year 2015 when he figured he had achieved the major goals that he had set up for him and his family. It got him thinking on what he could do next to challenge himself and become a better human being.

Omkar had always been fond of sports. A casual conversation with his ex boss who was registering for Pune International Marathon got him curious about what the marathon was about and he just decided to go for it. He practiced for 15 days. During this time it was quite tough for him to even run 2 km at a stretch.

Omkar ran 10 kms and enjoyed it to the core. The whole running atmosphere, support, cheering en route was an electrifying experience for him. He felt like he belonged here. After that he never looked back.

Running is now a part and parcel of Omkar’s life. Running has changed his entire lifestyle. Omkar trains early morning with NC Runners Pune, eats healthy and sleeps early. You will always find Omkar encouraging his friends and family and even complete strangers to start running and enjoy the benefits of good health! Omkar loves motivating and cheering people and seeing people happy. Running for him is a way to happiness.

Omkar swears by running also for the fact that he has met many awesome people in this journey who have constantly enriched him as a person. Omkar’s literally worships his running and training gurus Nikhil Shah, Padmaraj Doshi and his fellow runner Kunal.

Omkar likes to run withouts gadgets. He doesn’t prefer looking at a watch and pacing himself. Instead he loves running long distances, enjoying nature, cheering fellow runners, appreciating volunteers, and clicking photos. You will find him breaking into antics and dance steps mid run too which shows his love for running. He isn’t obsessed about competitive running and if you ask him about it he would say “My heart dictates me and not any gadget”. In true sense, Omkar runs to enjoy!

His ideology on why he runs “I want everyone in the world to be fit. Everyone knows health is wealth. We have seen people like Steve Jobs talk about family and health when they were on their sick bed. They talk about their ignorance towards the most precious things in life. I don’t want any regrets when I die. Remember one thing. The most precious things in life are available for free.. Your family, friends and your health. Let's cherish them.”

Omkar would be a part of PRBM and cheer you on to achieve your running high!