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Maharashtra Athletics Association

PRBM 2018

Kunal Badgujar

“I heard in olden times when there were no means of transport people had to walk or run. They could develop lot of physical stamina useful for body and mind. So, there were no problems of stress, depression or sudden changes in body functions."

"I decided to take a challenge of running first PRBM half marathon a year before because my friends were doing it.Since then, there is no looking back!”

He completed several half marathons. Thanks to NC runners (Pune Running) group which always helped him to take it to next level each time. He relates distance running to life challenges. At first, everything seems hard but with constant efforts and struggle,things start falling in place.

“I believe, body is the only partner which will last throughout our life. We must take time out from our busy schedule to nurture it, else it is intelligent enough to take that time out itself."

"We always demand for more. If we give our body luxury it will ask for more, same with struggles and challenges. We should start challenging our body before it starts challenging us!”

Kunal believes, “to copy” is a natural human tendency. It is easy to follow a person than just listen to him. By setting an example, we can pull our relatives, family and friends into the world of fitness.Thus, running is incredibly beneficial to the body, mind and spirit.

“Developing the stamina for higher limit or better performance is always a challenge. But behind every challenge there lies lot of satisfaction.Every medal counts for our hard work, diligence and patience. This is the elixir that spreads all over our life.”

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