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PRBM 2018

Bhavesh Shah

A Journey from An Amateur Runner to A Professional Athlete

“Be the change you want to see in the world”—- Mahatma Gandhi.

Bhavesh Shah, a type 2 diabetic has achieved levels of fitness that even a professional athlete would be proud of. He says, “I started training with Pune Running in 2014 with guidance from Nikhil Shah, my mentor. As a diabetic on medication, I had started walking for 1- 2 miles every evening. The calm of empty roads helped me graduate from walking to running.”

He affirms “RUNNING IS ABOUT CONSISTENCY. Fall in love with the process and the results will come.” For Bhavesh, health is wealth and running more and more kilometres is his investment to build his wealth. He believes each step he takes brings him closer to his soul.

Ask him about his running career and his face lights up, “thanks to the Pune Running community, I have run dozens of Half Marathons, 4 Full Marathons, a blindfolded half marathon and I have paced for the Airtel Hyderabad Marathon. I was nominated as Race Ambassador for two events in and around Pune and was Race Director for the Sancheti Hospital Walkathon.”

Pune Running is his constant source of motivation and inspiration. He says, “Pune Running is a Wikipedia for amateur runners like me to become professional athletes with their vast knowledge of correct running postures, dietary inputs, training tips etc. My mentors and the community encourage us to achieve new running milestones and train us to participate and compete in international events like Comrades, Ironman, Boston Marathon etc.”

In addition to a fit and healthy lifestyle, Bhavesh has as a regular marathon participant made many friends in cities like Hyderabad, Nasik and Mumbai. Part of this credit goes to his wife who ensures a balanced diet, motivation and unending support for these “Runacations”.

Don’t miss the chance to make a new friend and run with the affable athlete Bhavesh Shah at PRBM 2018 presents Poonawalla Clean City Marathon (PCCM) on 18th November 2018 at Balewadi stadium.