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PRBM 2018

Amol Deshmukh

Friend, Inspiration, Leader!

Diagnosed with high BP at the tender age of 30, Amol couldn’t believe his ears when the doctor conveyed this news to him. He was always in a state of denial regarding his health and took his body for granted. When his manager & friend, Manoj died of a heart attack at the age of 40, Amol said to himself, “Oh don’t know how it happened to him but it can never happen to me.”

Speaking about his first interaction with Pune Running, Amol recalls, “Then came an event PRBM 2016 wherein Konecranes, my company was encouraging employees to participate. Manoj, my manager and CFO encouraged us by saying "Finance ka sabse jyada participation chahiye". And I registered for myself for half marathon. Laughing at myself within but somewhere determined.”

While training initially, even 1 minute on the treadmill for Amol felt like a marathon in itself. “My trainer ensured that I was weight training in a structured way. It helped me with the necessary strength and with sheer dedication there came a day I was delighted to share it with my trainer that I ran 20 mins continuously on the treadmill.” This gave him immense confidence. His first run was outside the gym within Samrajya society wherein he covered 5 Kms in 40 mins. “And from there on I never looked back. With the help of my trainer, I completed my training and prepared for the D day. With the training of little over 2 months I managed to run half marathon at PRBM 2016 in 3:05 hrs... That was my achievement. Friends and family cheered as I was the only one in my family to run half marathon. My colleagues ran 3108 kms to commemorate Manoj's last day 31.08.2016 wherein I contributed 101 kms.”

Initially losing just 2 Kgs, Amol was finding it difficult to lose excess fat. During a blood donation camp in his society, he realized he needed to get his BP in check. He says, “The doctor on camp stopped me from donating blood and advised me to see a doctor. I was put through a detailed investigation and 40mg dose of medicine was started to control BP. My doctor gave me a 6 months’ plan to withdraw medicine. A close friend of mine introduced me to dieting and theories of Rujuta Diwekar. Being a hardcore foody all my life dieting was a major hurdle to cross over. With regular dieting and running I lost 7 kgs in 2 months.”

In his journey with Pune Running, Amol has managed to get plaudits for all his efforts to make the community a healthy place to live. He, along with some friends organized a mini marathon for his society for which he got a tremendous response. He was recognized during an annual society function by some senior members. A similar pat on the back was given by "Konecranes" in March 2018 for inspiring people towards fitness by pursuing sport of running.

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