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PRBM 2018

Aarav Shewale

A Young Prodigy- A Future Star

Kids teach us more than we can even imagine. They truly give us a hope and an inspiration for a better, cleaner and a fitter tomorrow. As caring parents, Mr. & Mrs. Shewale have ensured that their child, Aarav grows up to be an inspiration for not just his peers, but also to people around the globe.

Aarav started running when we was about 3 years old. He had a dream to follow his father Mr. Kaustubh Shewale’s footsteps. Kaustubh Shewale, a half Ironman himself, trained Aarav so that he could one day run organized and professional events.

His journey started with OUR Marathon in 2014 wherein he finished a 3 km run. There was no stopping him after that. He went on to participate in 4 PRBM runs in a very short span after that- 5Km runs thrice & a 3Km run once.

In 2015, he created a record by being the youngest participant to complete a 5Km run. A fantastic achievement which still stands firm. He has participated in numerous LSOMs and various other running events including NIO Vision, Happy Hearts Marathon, etc.

With such mind-boggling achievements already behind him, he went on to put a cherry on top. In 2018, he participated in IRONMAN Kids race held in Colombo, Sri Lanka and completed it in style. While completing it, he became one of the youngest Indians to do so on a foreign soil.

His inspiration and mentor is his father who is also a regular runner and has recently completed IRONMAN 70.3 in Colombo. Register for PRBM presents PCCM 2018 and get a chance to run with the inspirational young prodigy Aarav Shewale.