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PRBM 2018

Shivanand Gokhale

A Story for inspiration

After 45 years of age as usual the health consciousness creeped in. Joined the Gym. Started trekking and on slowly gaining the confidence went on to climb the Pinnacle of Trekking Stok Kangri , 6153 mtrs, a high altitude trek where the Oxygen is only 9% as compared to plains.

After this what , Was doing regularly 10kms , but thought of doing 21kms , alone practice and confidence was not there. Found on the net about PRSouth and joined them, the group psychology , selfless attitude and the proper training imparted gave me the confidence of doing 21km . Attained it at Veterun 2017 and after that did 4-5 more and started relaxing

The group which is infectious plodded me to do 42km and have recently registered for the same.

Running not only increased my cardio , confidence but the Social and Business stature as well. We have inculcated this habit in our office culture and the entire office runs 4-5 10kms event every year.

Running is natural to human being been the hunters in past , The only fear of can I is definitely converted to I CAN by PRBM training. All have to experience it once . IT is good addiction to have.