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Deepak Kachru — A new lease of life

“The first wealth is Health” said Ralph Waldo Emerson. Deepak Kachru, a kind, affectionate person who is eveready to help his fellow runners is a living example of this statement. As a busy executive with a demanding job and a busy lifestyle entailing frequent travel, Deepak picked up the commonest stressbuster habit, he became a chain smoker. Little did he realize that his “no time to exercise” excuse where he couldn’t even play football for 10 minutes with his son, would culminate in his worst nightmare. Deepak suffered a heart attack while on work in Delhi in 2013. Deepak probably dreamed a miracle and the universe served it so he was able to admit himself to the emergency unit.

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream another dream” said CS Lewis. Deepak took a leap of faith and embarked on the arduous journey of getting his health back on track. He started with 40 minute brisk walks daily, until in 2015, he ventured into running as a way to test his fitness levels. His first run was a modest 2.6 km (nonstop) run. Deepak was hooked and made up his mind to actively pursue the sport. He joined Pune Running and trainer Prasad Patil’s infectious energy made sure he became a regular at strength training sessions and long distance running. Running helped him minimize the plethora of medication he had to take for hypertension and high cholesterol as a fallout of his cardiac arrest, but he still visits his cardiologist and continues to monitor his health.

Says Deepak, “I train now with the Bavdhan Brigade as they would train in my neighborhood with trainer Sandeep Kulkarni. He has really unveiled my running potential”. Deepak has done several half marathons, one full marathon, many treks, and countless long cycle rides with the Bavdhan Brigade. “Sometimes its the smallest decisions that change your life forever”. Deepak’s decision helped him achieve the 5 hour full marathon in Tata Mumbai Marathon, 2018 and his first sub 60 minutes 10km run at the Cybage Run.

Run with Deepak at PRBM presents Poonawalla Clean City Marathon (PCCM) on 18.11.18 at Balewadi stadium, Pune. You never know, he might be the reason you quit smoking !!!