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PRBM 2018

Manoj Vanjari

For some, age is just a number! At the age of 52, when most of them keep themselves away from heavy physical activities, Manoj Vanjari completed the Ladakh Marathon in 2018, and the BRM, 200 cycling race of 200 km at the age of 51! Manoj’s feat is more than just inspiring.It is motivating. It is motivating for all those who are in their 30s and 40s, and think that they’ve lost their physical strength! Feats like Manoj Vanjari could be accomplished when dedication meets strong determination and self-conviction.

Having worked in the software industry for over 25 years, as an Independent Leadership Consultant for 5 years, and as a regular fitness enthusiast for over 15 years at the gymnasium, Manoj has been maintaining a perfect personal work-life balance. Perhaps, something that has been the secret of his exceptional physical fitness and capabilities!

Manoj believes in staying fit and happy. Besides running and cycling, he also indulges himself into tennis and is passionate about mentoring individuals and encouraging them to stay fit at all times.

Manoj considers Pune Running and its members as an extended family full of keen learners and performers. Moreover, he also looks at this family as his support system to collaborate and develop self, along with others. He is proud about the fact he is associated with the leading fitness and running organization!