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61 @ 61 Yet miles to go- Rakesh Mehta

61@61 is done; I was not been able to do 60@60 last year and that was always at the back of my mind. Now that 61@61 is done; “The MONKEY IS OF MY BACK”.

Completed 61 Km in 13 hours (gun time 15 hours), yesterday at Oxfam Trail walker Karjat. It was my first experience on a trail.

Trail has it own characteristics; uneven surface, rolling terrain, lots of loose stones and gravel and to top it, thorns, grass you name it and to top it, the scorching heat of the afternoon. Further unlike normal runs, were we have moving support or support every 2-3 Kms, the support here is spread to 10-12 Kms; and in between, you have to carry your own rations. Also as the trail is at extremely remote places; GOD forbid, if something goes wrong, you are on your own. It is more of a mind game, though fitness does play a major role. All I could take away from this experience was; I need to Work hard on my Fitness. There was an element of suspense in my walk; because I do not wear a Garmin or a normal watch and that added to the fun; as I never knew, how much I had to go? or what was my speed?

I used to keep on trudging (one step at a time), without any thought until the next “Check Point” was in sight.

Oxfam actually is a 100Km trail, but I quit at 61Km, due to some urgent work at office and the fractured Toe.

Will come back again next year and complete the trail for sure.

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